Anonymous said: Do you like Xavier Dolan?

I think he’s one of the most talented filmmakers in the world right now. His newest film, Mommy (2014), which I saw at The Cannes Film Festival this year, is already most certainly one of my favorite films of all-time.

Anonymous said: What is your opinion on the oscars? I watch them every year. As a movie fan it's one of my favourite nights of the year, but I do think they don't always showcase a wide range of films. Mostly always American films, and rarely independent or European/foreign films. One of my best examples is, Blue Is The Warmest Color, it received not a single nomination. Which to me was disappointing since it was by far the best movie of the year and one of the greatest films of all time. Do you agree?

I do agree with you, almost entirely. I agree with your general outlook on the Oscars and the perspective of enjoying the ceremony as a special night for people who love movies, but I also think they’re selections are, most of the time, deeply flawed… and most of the great films each year (especially the foreign ones) are overlooked. The only part of your statement that I want to correct is with regard to Blue is the Warmest Color; it wasn’t ignored by the Oscars… rather, it was ineligible for a nomination. :)

Anonymous said: You've not been posting very often. Will you be posting more in the near future?

Yes, especially starting in late August. :)
I deeply apologize for my absence this summer!

jpamgoodman said: How do you feel about Blue is the Warmest Color?

Another one of the greatest films ever made… driven by one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen.

astrological-straits said: What do you think about Inland Empire? It's one of my favorite films.

One of the greatest films ever made… my favorite Lynch(: